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RCA 4 Device remote controls are easy to program and easy to use, with a variety of designs and form factors to suit different environments or preferences. These remotes are carefully engineered to put keys where you'd expect, making them a comfortable fit for replacing or consolidating your original remotes. And RCA 4 device remotes are among the first designed specifically for digital and HDTV, offering digital TV converter box codes and support for new features such as HDTV sub channels. RCA 4 device remotes operate TV, satellite, cable or digital TV converter boxes, and DVD or VCR devices, with support for over 325 brands.


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  • 1 Year Mfg Warranty
  • RCA RCRN04GR Universal Remote Control - For TV Satellite Box Cable Box DVD Player VCR Blu-ray Disc Player
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Universal Remote
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Haste502 5.0
12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
This universal remote works like a charm.I have a Vizio TV, a Toshiba VCR-DVD combination, and a Cablevision digital cable box.I was skeptical that I could get a universal remote to handle not only the three units, but all the weird buttons some of them have. The RCA RCRN06GR was able to work everything.But don't let anyone kid you, the setup does take some time and thought. For example, I have a button on my DVD remote that ejects the DVD. There is no such button on the RCRN06GR. So using t ... he 'learn' function, I put the DVD eject button on the RCRN06GR 'exit' button. You will probably have to do this for several buttons on your old remotes.The 'learn' function on the RCRN06GR is simplicity itself. After you do it 2 or 3 times, you will not have to even look at the instructions, it's that fast.One suggestion I'd make is to make a list of all the buttons you do with the 'learn' function until you actually start to use... More >
mom2girls 5.0
7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
I was looking for a remote control to control my TV, DVD player, VCR, & Digital Converter Box. I had picked up a cheaper, smaller RCA universal remote because it said it worked with converter boxes. It did, but it lacked some features like the skip button and the arrow buttons needed when working with DVDs. So, I found this one. I'm very pleased. It has all the control buttons I need to navigate menus and to skip chapters in a DVD. It also has a "guide" button & an "info" button to show th ... e info that the converter box provides about what program is on and what's coming up next. The 4 colorful buttons at the bottom do what the buttons on the converter box controller do as far as zoom/cc/signal strength, etc. There is also an "input" button so when I'm working the TV, I can push that button to change between the TV showing the DVD or my Wii or regular TV. And, the other great feature about this remote is that it has "channel lock" meaning you can program which device you want... More >
R. Franzen "sportsphenom1" 2.0
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
This works ok for my TV, but forget about using it for multiple units if you want any decent functionality. Granted, the play, stop, pause, forward and backward (chapter and scan) work for my DVD player (also an RCA-so you think there would be no compatibility issues), but maneuvering around on the DVD title screen is not very user friendly. To do this, you need to use the numbers and line them up with the order of the options on the screen. But here's the catch, sometimes you need to start with ... "0", and sometimes "1" on the remote. It's just a big pain, and it takes experimentation to figure it out. So if you like to watch bonus features, use subtitles or chapter selection, don't waste your time with this remote, it's just not designed well. More >